Friday, February 1, 2008

Fishing lure

Lures have also been designed to rapidly revolve when drawn through the water to create a whistle-like sound. Lure types can be broken into five basic categories. Lures and baits made ofvarious plastisols have been widely accepted. The rattling assembly includes a rattle member and a rod member positioned inside a cavity defined in the body of the fishing lure. The rod member traverses the exterior surface of the fishing lure into the cavity, such that the position of the rod member will determine the ability of the rattling member to travel within the cavity to strike the walls of the cavity. A method for controlling the noise produced by a rattle member within a fishing lure when the fishing lure is drawn through water, said method comprising the steps of: a) inserting a rod member into a rattle member cavity having an interior surface, said rattle member cavity surrounding the rattle member within the fishing lure; b) adjusting the position of said rod member in said rattle member cavity to selectively allow movement of the rattle member against the interior surface of said rattle member cavity as the lure is drawn through water; c) providing a screw for the rod member; d) tightening said rod member to extend into said rattle member cavity and engage said rattle member; and e) preventing the movement of the rattle member in said rattle member cavity. The present invention relates to a fishing lure, and more particularly, to a fishing lure having at least one adjustable rattle to produce a variable noise to attract fish. Innumerable lures have been designed to simulate a swimming fish, frog or other animal that is attractive to fish as a food source. In actual practice, however, water can mute sounds emitted from a lure. Attendant fluid and aerodynamic properties of a lure can affect the emitted sound.


Fishing that day had started out hot with constant halibut action using big gobsof cut fish as bait. Fishing Lures When yo go fishing you must use some kind of bait in order to attract and catch fish. Fishing lures are different sorts of objects attached to the ends of fishing lines and they are intended to resemble prey that fish would be interested in. Fishing lures contain anywhere from one to several hooks to snag the fish if he attacks and eats the prey. Fishing lures of some sort date back to prehistoric times. Fishing lures are designed to be used with fishing rods and reels. Fishing lures are made from many things. Fishing lures are made from metal, wood, rubber and plastic. Fishing lures come in many colors and sizes. Fishing lures are sometimes decorated with feathers or fur or material. Fishing lures can be one piece or segmented. Fishing lures can have one hook or a series of hooks. Fishing hooks come in a wide range of sizes and designs. Fishing hooks are sold already snelled-with a leader attached. Fishing line is either monofilament (single strand) or braided.


A fishing lure is an object that is designed to imitate a type of bait or forage that a fish typically eats. A fishing lure for producing a sound attracting vibration in a fluid asthe fishing lure is pulled through the fluid, said fishing lurecomprising:a. Choosing the right fishing lure is not as complicated as it might appear.